The minimising gambling harm workforce hub

Te Kākano is the national workforce development service for the prevention and minimisation of gambling harm public health (PMGH PH) workforce, delivered by Hāpai te Hauora. This service provides specialised PMGH PH training modules and connects the workforce with other related learning and education opportunities.

Te Kākano offers personalised workforce development plans in conjunction with the service managers to ensure that kaimahi are accessing relevant stair-cased learning pathways. Together we are aiming to strengthen and build leadership within the workforce, strong public health means better health for everyone.

Public Health

Primary prevention public health is concerned with keeping people healthy and improving the health of populations rather than with providing individualised care for people who are unwell. Problem gambling public health practitioners perform a variety of activities in the community to reduce gambling related harm.

Primary preventions and programmes can contribute to strengthening a community’s capacity and readiness to advocate for healthy social, physical, spiritual and cultural environments.

Public health activities include:

  • promoting healthy public policy
  • developing personal skills and promoting responsible gambling behaviour
  • increasing individual and community awareness and action
  • creating supportive environments
  • strengthening strategic alliances, skills and knowledge
  • monitoring, research and evaluation
  • reorienting services and programmes

Te Kakano is committed to supporting providers with Ministry of Health PMGH public health contracts to deliver all or some of the above service delivery components.


Nari Faiers

Nari Faiers

National Workforce Development Lead


Fusi Mesui

Fusi Mesui

National Administrator