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Welcoming our new National Coordinator for National Coordination Service, Rebecca Ruwhiu-Collins.

Puhanga tohora te maunga,
Punakitere te awa,
Pukerata te marae,
Ngai Tu Te Auru te hapu,
Tupuna whaea Te Ruke Witehira
Matua tupuna Hare Hona Herewini

​Whakarongorua te maunga, 
Utakura te awa,
Hokianga te moana,
Mataitaua te marae,
Ngati Toro te hapu,
Tupuna whaea Te Aroha Herewini
Matua tupuna Te Warahi Ruwhiu

​Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka,
Nga Puhi te iwi.


Ko Rebecca Ruwhiu-Collins ahau.

Rebecca has over 10 years experience in Māori Hauora with expertise in treatment, national training for tobacco addiction and community mobilisation and development.

She comes with strong leadership approaches for engaging people from all levels of government, health, finance, NGO’s, corporate and community to collaborate and work towards a strategic direction and create a collective common goal to increase health and wellbeing of the community. 

She enjoys strengthening service improvement through innovative concepts with the aim of ensuring health sector capacity and capability remains at the cutting edge.

Welcoming our new Workforce Development Coordinator for the Public Health Workforce Development Service - Te Kākano, Stephanie Erick.

Skilled in national advocacy, media and research, Stephanie is a public health advocate with more than 10 years’ experience in designing, leading and managing projects. She has a wealth of public and privatestephanie sector experience in tobacco control, health promotion and Maori and Pacific health organisations. She hopes to use her knowledge and experience to enable all communities to participate and contribute to the utilisation of evidence-based practice to minimise and prevent gambling related harm.

Stephanie’s strengths include leading national campaigns and increasing Māori, Pacific and young adults input into national conversations, policy or programmes that affect them.

She joined Hāpai Te Hauora in 2016 as the Senior Advisor to establish strategies and strengthen the new National Tobacco Control Advocacy Service, and looks forward to this new and exciting challenge.

Stephanie's core passion in Public Health is the opportunity to grow leadership and enable critical thinking in all areas of Māori and Pacific public health. Stephanie is a proud mother of Faith and Elijah who are of Niuean, Samoan and Cook Island Māori descent.



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