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  • Te Kakano training session @ Oasis
  • Te Kakano training session @ Oasis

This week, I attended a Te Kakano Public Health Workforce training on the Core Competencies for Prevention and Minimising Gambling Harm for Public Health. Stephanie Erick, Te Kakano Manager was excited to kick off training at the Oasis National Forum.

The Core Competencies were the key feature of the training however the Oasis Public Health team couldn't wait to reconnect with each other and welcome their newest member Siobhan Kemp into the Oasis Public Health family fold.

training session at Oasis

The group shared what each of them had been doing in their respective regions, the highs and the lows. I could see how reconnecting with each other was important. It provided the much needed space to feel listened to, and gain inspiration from others with the current projects of work they were doing.

The importance of reconnecting helps mitigate feeling isolated when returning to back to their regions. Staying connected was a key focus to providing support and keeping workforce motivation up.

The outcome was having a Public Health workforce connecting on a regular basis through teleconference or video conference.

What are your thoughts on the importance of keeping connected with the wider Gambling Harm Public Health workforce?

Is the importance of keeping connected helpful in your role?


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