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Melbourne, Australia
Dates:  28-30 October, 2020
Venue: CQUniversity Melbourne
Theme: “Charting a new course in policy and practice”

The independent gambling research conference strives to be just that – independent. Voluntary donations by persons and organisations with a vested interest in the gambling industry or the gambling-treatment industry can colour perceptions of our purpose.

The IGRC seeks to best represent the empirical findings and reasoned argument that characterise academic inquiry. The independent gambling conference will be a forum where an objective truth, however difficult to discover, is the end goal.

To counter the perception that any person or organisation could influence our pursuit of the objective truth, the conference seeks to avoid all voluntary contributions. Instead, the conference is funded by delegate fees and memberships. For the time being, organisation and management of conference activities will remain in University hands​​.

Call for Abstracts
The Experimental Gambling Research Lab (EGRL) invites submissions for the 1st Independent Gambling Research Conference to be held at Central Queensland University’s Melbourne Campus, on the 28th, 29th and 30th of October 2020.
Conference Theme 
This conference is designed to be a forum for sharing high quality, evidence-based research, policy, programs and practical models. Moving away from ideological and political standpoints, this conference aims to promote knowledge and best-practice in the gambling field.  
Borrowing from the ethos of Gamblers Anonymous, the conference aims to be fully self-supporting. It will not seek or accept sponsorship from persons or organisations with a vested interest in the gambling industry or the gambling treatment industry.
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Conference Contact: Ms Kristie-Lee Alfrey