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I always enjoy catching up with everyone when the regional training forums are in full swing.  You may see me during the forums, racing around being IT support attaching microphones and getting presentations up on the screen or timekeeper making sure presentations are not running over time, and the most essential part of the forums which is ensuring the catering has arrived and on time.  

When I am at the forums, I am always listening to the workforce and gauging their experience.  Did people learn something, are they able to put this into practice and did they get the much-needed connection/networking with others in the sector?  This helps me to forward plan for future training forums.

I have to mention one person in particular who came up to me and said: "I feel rejuvenated to do more" that's what the forums need to achieve, replenishing the workforce to keep going to maintain their essential roles and services they provide in their communities. 

Many have noted in feedback either verbally or via the evaluation form their highlights for the regional forms, two in particular. The first being “Mana Enhancing Practices” by Terri Huriwai and Dickie Humphries and secondly “Gamification and the Impacts on Youth” by Dr Wiremu Manaia. These two presentations made each of us reflect on ourselves and the work we do. These certainly fed our journey to embrace Mana Enhancing Practices and understand the new world of gaming and how this will have a follow-on effect on gambling.   

With the regionals behind me, I am now onto planning the National Training Forums in April 2019, and as always can't wait to see you all there.


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