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How do we engage people in discussing gambling harm?  That seems to be the question on most of the workforce lips at the moment. 

Recently at a meeting, it was raised how do we increase people accessing gambling harm messages and support services. During this discussion, it became clear that we have to start looking through the different lenses to engage people.  You might say 'what different lenses are there?'. The financial angle seems the obvious one, working with financial services to engage with people. But how do we look through other lenses and merge gambling harm to these?. 

Health problems are not isolated issues; we have to look at other social health determinates that surround that person. Making us see through the different lenses to engage. The key when trying to use a different topic and context that is not gambling harm is to find where you can hook in the conversation of gambling harm. 

Let's look at some suggested lenses we could merge prevention and minimise gambling harm with:

Financial Capability services
Employment support

Literacy and Numeracy support
Secondary and Tertiary education
Driver licence 

Health and Healthcare
Smoking Cessation 
Weight Management
Occupational Therapist in workplaces
Green Prescription  
Mental Health and Addictions

Social and Community 
Work and Income NZ
Performing Arts
Community Dinners
Parents coffee group
Cooking Classes

Neighbourhood and Environment
Relationship Support
Housing Support 
Food banks
Sport clubs

If you have identified how you could hook in gambling harm to the suggested topics above or you have a different lens you currently work with please comment below.


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