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Choice Not Chance have developed a digital toolkit of resources that can be used for promotional activity to support the latest phase of the Choice Not Chance campaign - Staying Safe.

Key Messages – Alert Level 2

"These key messages are used in the COVID-19 response Choice Not Chance — 'Staying Safe and Staying Connected’ promotion. You are welcome to pick and mix from these and use however works best for you, and adapt them to suit your local communities."


Phase two - ‘Staying Safe and Staying Connected’ during Alert Level 2 promotion

"As one of our valued partners in reducing harmful gambling in our communities, we want to keep you updated on the second phase of the COVID-19 response Choice Not Chance - Staying Safe and Staying Connected’ promotion as we move into Alert Level Two and beyond. The roll out of these national messages will begin on Friday 22 May 2020 and run until the end of June 2020. "


For more information visit the Choice Not Chance digital toolkit page here


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