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Anxiety NZ - Fully Funded Appointments with Registered Intern Counselling Psychologist
Anxiety NZ is a non-profit charity specialising in support, treatment and education for anxiety, depression, OCD and phobias for kids, teens and adults. We offer online therapy anywhere in NZ and also in-person and psychiatric assessment and medication monitoring in St Lukes, Auckland. We run three free Peer Support Groups on Monday, Thursday and Saturdays and offer a free 24/7 National Anxiety Helpline 0800 269 4389.
Currently we have a small budget to fully fund 4 – 8 therapeutic sessions with myself (online or in-person). There is no waiting list and new clients can be seen within a few days. I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am-5:30pm.
I can offer one-to-one therapy sessions to help people understand and identify what is going on, address the physical and mental symptoms and provide a pathway forward in the short and long term. I work with a range of toolkits and therapies to best meet the clients needs. I am primarily trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and can adopt mindfulness based therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy.
Apart from this, we have a team of 10 registered clinical, health, general and counselling psychologists + Metal Health GP ( MOSS Psychiatry) and peer group facilitators.
Low income earners may access up to 30 funded appointments using a Disability Allowance from Studylink or WINZ. We are a non-government organisation which means there is usually a charge of $160 per session during working hours or $165 per session in the evening or weekend. Many people are eligible for funding through Work and Income, Study link or if they have health or travel insurance. The reception at Anxiety NZ Trust and myself are able to help clients with organising funding if they are eligible and unsure of the process. As mentioned we have a small budget aside from this to fully fund sessions with myself. Our Helpline and Peer Support Groups are always free.
The Anxiety NZ funded sessions would suit a person who was aged 16 +, experiencing a low level of risk and mild symptoms of anxiety, OCD, phobias or related conditions, and who would benefit from a short course of therapy.
If this is of interest please send through a referral using this link, or by via healthlink, Medtech, fax 09 849 2375 or directly email to
Clients can self-refer using this link. We may ask for a health professional referral for people self-referring and we will also call the person as part of the entrance process to help discuss and understand if we are the best place of support at this time for them.
Please let us know in the referral you are asking for the ‘Anxiety NZ Trust funded sessions with Chantel’.
If there is anything else we can help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly on


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