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There are four national services funded by the Ministry of Health, each are required to guide and support the work of all preventing and minimising gambling harm services.  These include:

  • Te Kakano – public health workforce training
  • Abacus – clinical workforce training
  • National Coordination Service –  national coordination of services and sector forums
  • Health Promotion Agency (Minimising Gambling Harm Team) – national education and awareness programme

The National PMGH Advisory Group is being brought together to provide advice, guidance and direction to the service provider infrastructure services; The National Coordination Service, Te Kakano – Public Health Workforce development service, Abacus – Intervention Workforce development service, and the Health Promotion Agency – Choice Not Chance. Other areas for consideration, may also include: 

  • Workforce development issues and priorities
  • Content, design and delivery of the training forums.
  • Education and awareness programme messaging and activities.

Current Advisory Group Members

Haydee Richards
Haydee Richards


Terry Huriwai
Terry Huriwai

Workforce Development & Training

Mathew McMillian
Mathew McMillian

Public Health

Marino Murphy
Marino Murphy

Māori Health

Kelly Feng
Kelly Feng

Asian Health

Ifo Faanana
Ifo Faanana

Pacific Health

Bridgette Thornley
Bridgette Thornley

Clinical Health

Advisory Group Membership

The broad skills and expertise required for the group include:

A strong understanding of the preventing and minimising gambling harm (Preventing Minimising Gambling Harm) and wider addictions sector.
Cultural knowledge and leadership in priority populations (Māori, Pacific, and Asian)
A commitment to the training and development of public health and clinical interventions, improving capacity of the PMGH with a high standard of professionalism across all levels.
Knowledge of gambling regulatory frameworks and the mechanisms of local and national government.

The National PMGH Advisory Group membership includes up to eight members whose area of interest, expertise and specialist knowledge aligns with one or more of the following areas:

  • Minimising Gambling Harm Clinical
  • Minimising Gambling Harm Public Health
  • Asian Health
  • Māori Health
  • Pacific Health
  • Workforce Development and Training