Clinical Interventions

A number of brief, half to full-day training modules have been developed to support providers both clinically and administratively (providing training and support for the CLIC data collection system).

Welcome to this Orientation to Minimising Gambling Harm presentation – delivered during late 2017 by Dr Sean Sullivan of ABACUS Counselling Training and Supervision Ltd – on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

This presentation consists of six videos that have been edited from the original three-hour training session (some comments and interaction have been edited for brevity, the group exercises associated with this training are also not included in this presentation). This presentation is not intended to replace a face-to-face training session, we do however hope you find it of value as a refresher or introduction to this training.

A PDF of the original presentation is also available for download here.

Orientation videos
Total viewing time 96 Minutes:

Part one: Legislation in NZ
Part two: Gambling Act 2003
Part three: Gambling & Gambling Harm in New Zealand
Part four: Gambling & Gambling Harm
Part five: Indication of Harm / Statistics / Risk
Part six: Signs and Symptoms / Treatment